I’m passionate about collecting Australian wool blankets manufactured up to the late 1960s.

These common, everyday items - found in all households for so many decades - were traditional wedding gifts, family heirlooms, dressers of beds, givers of warmth, security and reliability.  The comfort found in these objects resonates with all of us; either we grew up with them ourselves or fondly recall them in a grandparent’s home.

For a hundred years blankets were made all over Australia in dozens of woollen mills, an industry almost completely lost now.   But there’s no replacement with the integrity of these old blankets, many of them now older than most of us.  Nothing else feels so appropriate in so many situations, weather at a music festival, picnic, campsite or couch.

Each country has its own style of blanket and my aim is to preserve 100 Australian examples of these beautiful pieces of history.  Here is my version, of blanket fever.